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What makes fireworks colorful?

It all thanks to the luminescence of metals. When certain metals are heated (over a flame or in a hot explosion) their electrons jump up to a higher energy state. When those electrons fall back down, they emit specific frequencies of light - and each chemical has a unique emission spectrum.

You can see that the most prominent bands in the spectra above match the firework colors. The colors often burn brighter with the addition of an electron donor like Chlorine (Cl). 

But the metals alone wouldn’t look like much. They need to be excited. Black powder (mostly nitrates like KNO3) provides oxygen for the rapid reduction of charcoal (C) to create a lot hot expanding gas - the BOOM. That, in turn, provides the energy for luminescence - the AWWWW.

Aluminium has a special role — it emits a bright white light … and makes sparks!

Images: Charles D. Winters, Andrew Lambert Photography / Science Source, iStockphoto, Epic Fireworks, Softyx, Mark Schellhase, Walkerma, Firetwister, Rob Lavinsky,, Søren Wedel Nielsen

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Humans have a tendency to wait. We seem to enjoy it. We believe that if we wait for something, it will make it more worthwhile. But that’s not true. If you wait for it, whatever it may be, you might lose it. The truth is, you probably will. For example, if you wait to ask someone out on a date, they’ll find the invitation somewhere else. And that will be it. Don’t wait, for anything. Search. Discover. Make. Do. Just don’t wait. You’re going to miss out on so much.
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If you want to create a local archive copy of your blog as it appears naturally on Tumblr, including the theme format that you are using, all the pictures (including multi-photo sets), video, etc. that you’ve uploaded then here’s one approach:

1) Install Homebrew

2) Run “brew install wget” in Terminal to install wget

3) Use the “Konrad Ludwig method” as below

Step 1: Open the terminal…

Step 2: Create a folder in which you’d like to backup your tumblr blog and change into that directory.

mkdir backup_yourblog && cd backup_yourblog

Step 3: Create a .txt file with the address of every page of your blog (for example: targets.txt).

(so in “targets.txt” type:)

Step 4: Use ‘wget’ to copy every page and all of the media on it.

wget -H -k -p -np -N -erobots=off -i targets.txt

Step 5: Drink some coffee. Your blog is being backed up.

Notes: There may be media type limitations including certain videos and music files, however these will remain externally hosted and link correctly. The resulting directory may very well be HUGE depending on how many posts you’ve made with photos/videos/etc. This should work with any version of OSX, Linux, FreeBSD, etc.

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